Open position: Front-end developer

We are a start-up in Lund, Sweden, developing a SaaS web application for antibody discovery. We empower researchers with easy to use tools that help our users focus on research while we solve complex problems like how to store large amounts of scientific data, how to make it searchable and how to draw conclusions from it.

We have amazing clients, lots of ideas, and an exciting roadmap. To be able to create even more value for our clients, we need you!

We are looking for a person with an eye for design and an interest in the user experience. You are a senior front-end developer with a passion for web development and implementation of user interfaces. You will be part of a team of nine people consisting of bioinformaticians, developers and a graphical designer.


We use vanilla javascript and web components to create a modern, performant and offline capable web application. As we only support the latest versions of browsers, we can write simple, modern code with a minimal amount of dependencies. We are developing a design system of small web components which we use to compose views. These components are similar to the components used in React or similar libraries.

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Salary and work benefits

Bionamic offers competitive salaries. Employee options will also be offered to make sure all employees take part in a potential future upside. Working conditions are relaxed and flexible. We prefer to work at the office, but employees are free to work from home and take time off as needed. There are no set times to meet or leave the office.


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