Traceability made simple.

Bionamic - take full control of your discovery and development data.

Accelerated R&D


Data security


Modern LIMS cloud

All-in-one software

Built with modern technologies to accelerate biopharma R&D.

Get full traceability

Traceability is an integral part of successful scientific discovery. In Bionamic’s system, your data is stored as an audit trail.

Every change is traceable to who, what, and when.

Capture and browse relations between samples, molecules and experimental information - all in one place.


Access everything from sequences to assay results and inventory in a well-structured and intuitive way.

  • No skills in programming or bioinformatics required.
  • Use purpose-built tools and visualizations.
  • Compare and select candidates across all parameters.

Simple data entry

Data import and export is simple and flexible. Easy integration with Excel, sequence editing programs and common bioinformatic tools.

  • Assay data
  • Sequence data
  • Inventory
  • CRO data packages

Built for collaboration

Bionamic cloud serves as a central and single source of truth for all stakeholders in an antibody discovery and development program.

  • Remove confusion around uniqueness and data origins.
  • Immediate data syncing across users and sites.
  • Standardized and user defined naming conventions.


Bionamic is a cloud-hosted software platform (SaaS) that combines the security and accessibility of the cloud with the performance and privacy of a local installation.

  • Configure as you go - Simple onboarding and administration.

  • Unrestricted number of users – Automatically scales with growing organizations.

  • Offline mode – Access and write data without an internet connection

Bionamic - a single trail from target to market.