Software for antibody
drug development

Bionamic offers applications for handling and analyzing antibody discovery related data. Contact us to discuss options.


Fast and reliable identification of binders ...

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Sequence analysis

Automated Sanger sequencing data analysis ...

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Cloning management

Track cloning and re-cloning of antibody ...

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The Bionamic platform

For antibody drug development


Fast and reproducible identification of binders from screening data. Store and register binders in a local database and track them through the entire development process.


Connect the results from all downstream sequencing and characterization assays for full integration and traceability.

Sequence analysis

Upload any number of ABIF files (.ab1) for automated quality control, sequence classification, and prediction of PTM or restriction sites. Interactively compare the sequences to your predefined frameworks to identify CDR sequences and framework mutations.


Use powerful CDR-based alignment tools to perform custom searches within your database in a way that is relevant to you.

Cloning Management

Bionamic's cloning management tools lets you track the origin of all binders and constructs. It includes tools to easily swap between binder formats like scFv, Fab, and monoclonal.


Combine binders into bi- or multispecific complexes using your custom cloning protocols.

Bionamic's platform is completely modular and can be tailored to fit any antibody discovery workflow.

Contact us for an informal conversation about the Bionamic platform, and how we can help making your antibody development process more efficient.

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